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PET bottle blowing, filling and capping machine: advantages of integrated line

pet bottle blowing filling and capping machinePET bottle production systems: blowing, filling and capping

Given the many advantages offered, we shall focus on a particular type of PET bottle production systems: the Sincro bloc system.

These are integrated systems for the production of containers, filling and capping which, thanks to the innovative capabilities of a company like SIPA, have established themselves in recent years as a standard market in water lines, soft drinks and, in particular, for edible oil.


PET bottle blowing, filling and capping machine for edible oil: Sincro Bloc lines features


The Sincro Bloc lines offered by SIPA are based on high reliability and a series of advantages, specifically: extreme compactness, 

  • high standards of hygiene,
  • reduced consumption
  • management costs.

This solution combines the best blowing and filling technologies; their integration allows to guarantee a high operational flexibility. Furthermore Sincro Bloc, thanks to its connection, is a particularly suitable solution for processing of necks and bottles with light weight.

Considering the whole process completely synchronized, SIPA has studied several specific solutions to avoid arrests of the Sincro Bloc due to problems related to caps feeding.

Both redundancy and storage systems are available; in the second option, in the event of cap jam, a signal blocks the preforms into the blower and a special buffer allows to empty the entire system without wasting any bottles.


PET bottle machine: advantages of integrated linear systems

pet bottle blowing, filling and capping machine


There are countless advantages offered by compact systems - integrated for blowing, filling and high-speed capping offered by SIPA; let's see them in details.


Machine efficiency

The blower and the filler of Sincro Bloc system are electronically synchronized, and an extremely reliable neck-handling system with grippers.

The integrated design of the entire solution allows an increase in overall efficiency.


Cost reduction and energy savings in terms of sustainability

The Sincro Bloc machines entail an overall cost reduction mainly due to:

  • Lowering the number of operators required
  • Removing maintenance and changeover costs for air conveyors.


By environmental sustainability, in addition to reducing costs, the integrated machines provide significant advantages related to:

  • General reduced consumption.
  • No air conveyors; therefore, this means lowering electricity consumption and no cost for filters.
  • There is no rinsing machine with consequent reduction in water and energy consumption.


About total savings, never forget that the Sincro Bloc application is the optimal solution for the treatment of bottles with extremely light-weights, thus reducing the impact of costs even during transport.

pet bottle blowing filling and capping machine



A preform treatment system, the short connection between blowing and filling, the over-pressured environment are guarantee of high hygiene level, counting the specific machines equipment such as:

  • Preform hopper, elevator and chute are completely covered and equipped with an overpressure module.
  • Preform decontamination process.
  • Blowing treatment with ionized air and de-dusting.
  • Special filters on the suction in the oven area.
  • Solutions to keep the filling environment under control such as controlled contamination cabins equipped with HEPA filters for sterile air overpressure up to the micro-isolator.
  • Sanitizing systems both inside the filling valves (CIP) and external surfaces (COP).
  • Caps treatment systems on the feeding channel.


Space and ergonomic saving

SIPA solutions offer savings in occupied space in the company's production area.

Sincro Bloc, thanks to its extreme compactness and small size, is the ideal solution whenever small space is a major requirement. A single operator controls the entire system, also thanks to ergonomic features.


High operational flexibility

The system can handle a wide range of bottle, packages and caps (both sport and flat).

Some technical solutions installed make it possible to reduce format changeover times: one of the fastest available on the market today.

Sincro Bloc applications offered by Sipa can integrate both rotary and linear blowers, thus covering a wide range of outputs and types of treatable bottle sizes.


Wide range of applications

The innovative features of Sipa blowers and fillers, combined with the high level of hygiene typical of Sincro Bloc systems, make this solution perfectly suitable for most products: still or carbonated beverages, hot filled sensitive products with or without pulps (including CSD without preservatives) as well as premium products requiring weight filling.

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Written by SIPA

With 30 years of experience in PET containers solutions, SIPA has acquired considerable expertise in all available bottle manufacturing and filling technologies, from preforms to finished products, for the food and beverage, chemical products, cosmetics, detergents and pharmaceutical sectors.