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Sipa PET bottling lines with Sincro Bloc solutions

bottling lines

PET bottle blowing filling capping machine for edible oil


Sipa has gained great experience in the Sincro Bloc (blowing-filling-capping machine) applications within pet bottle production systems for edible oil.

The first applications of this kind were made at the beginning of 2000, but the strong tendency towards innovation allowed Sipa to be among the first suppliers to launch the evolution of integrated solutions on the market in 2009: the Sincro TriBloc.

A single machine combines the functions for blowing, labelling and filling/capping, up to 2018 when the first Xtreme Sincro Cube was installed: a revolutionary solution integrating in a single machine the rotary production of preforms by injection-compression, bottle blowing and filling/capping.


General Sincro Bloc features for blowing, filling and capping


Some technical specifications make the Sincro Bloc system unique.


PET bottle blowing process

The Sincro Bloc blowing system has:


- a small pitch between moulds.

- a significant reduction (20-30%) of the blowing wheel compared to machines of the same size.

- the centrifugal forces on preforms and bottles are very low; this means that grippers must not hold the neck with force in order to maintain preforms and bottles in a straight position.

- simplified transfer wheels, with lower peripheral speeds and less wear.

- easy access to the main system elements.


Other specific features are related to:

  • Transfer of the preforms
  • Heating oven
  • Power and flexibility
  • Reduced general management cost
  • Electric stretching unit
  • Moulds easy-to-handle


Connection process

bottling lines

The SIPA blower and filler are electronically synchronized, and physically connected by a transfer module.

The latter is composed of a series of transfer starwheels with grippers handling the bottles by the neck up to the filling machine.

To keep bottles hygiene, this transfer module is equipped with a stainless steel draining base frame, completely covered: thanks to an overpressure system, a separation between the air of the dry area (blowing machine) and the wet one is guaranteed.

Filling process

As far as filling is concerned, the main feature relates to flexibility.

This application is extremely versatile and the choice of the filler to be coupled to the blowing machine is simply linked to the type of product to be filled.

In fact, all the versions in the range can be included: isobaric fillers, gravity fillers and hot fillers, both in the mechanical and in the electronic volumetric type, including weight filling.

bottling lines

The Sincro Bloc project has recently been updated to optimally integrate with the Flextronic platform: this new extremely innovative and flexible modular platform raises SIPA technological standards to the highest levels available on the market today.

Taking advantage of the modularity of all platform elements, and combining the most suitable filling valve, it is possible to find the solution that best suits the most diverse requirements of the bottling world.

Specifically, the possibility of being able to fill multiple products with the same line was one of the design guidelines of the Flextronic platform.


Caps management

bottling lines

The last element of this process is the capper machine which, synchronized with the filler, manages to close bottles before leaving.

The management and correct feed of caps in the pick and place area is one of the most sensitive phases in the whole process in terms of risk of blockage on the descent channel.

Since the whole process is fully synchronized we have designed several solutions to avoid stoppages on the Sincro Bloc caused by cap feed problems.

Both automatic back up and buffering solutions are available; in the second option, in the event of cap blockage, a signal blocks the preforms into the blower and a special buffer allows to empty the entire system without wasting any bottles.



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