Packaging and production: companies' obligations to comply with the SUP Directive.

The EU Directive No. 904 of 2019, better known as SUP - Single Use Plastics, was created with the intention of reducing the impact of certain single-use plastic products on the environment.

Further to this, it is a measure to promote the transition to a circular economy that will significantly change the production processes of the industrial world.

circular economy SUP


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This transformation involves the manufacturing companies with a specific focus on the packaging sector.
Therefore, it is essential to comprehend the principal points of the new legislation:

  • Failure to implement these adjustments will lead to delays and slowdowns in production compared to more far-sighted competitors who adapted in time;

  • Moreover, failure to comply with this legislation will result in heavy penalties.

Within this e-book, obligations and deadlines are highlighted:

Reducing single-use plastic products

Restrictions on the market for certain products

rPET percentages for the different product categories

Marking Requirements

Producers' responsibilities
Costs borne by companies

The Design Requirements

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