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A unique bleach container: double preform by SIPA

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Thanks to the know-how of SIPA's technicians and designers, a completely innovative bottle for bleach has been developed.

The challenges that our specialists faced when designing the packaging were: product chemical characteristics; container safety; aesthetically pleasing packaging, environmental impact minimization.


This article will show you the details of the SIPA solution and the methodological approach that allows us to create preforms and finished containers never seen before.


What is SIPA double preform concept


The design of a bleach bottle with never-before-seen characteristics, which took the name of Pure-N-Clean, was possible thanks to a synergistic development of the blow-injection process, which led to the creation of a double preform (patent pending).


The ultimate goal was to produce a container suitable for the marketing of bleach, but made of recycled and recyclable materials.


The solution that has been developed is characterized by two preforms placed one inside the other consisting of rPET and rHDPE, specifically:


  • External preform in rPET 
  • Internal preform in rHDPE


The internal material, of course, is ideal for containing and safeguarding bleach-based products.


The experimentation also focused on blowing a preform version with titanium dioxide, suitable for the domestic hygiene product with a bleach content of less than 4.5% Vol.  


neck lightweighting and return on investment


SIPA technology used in the project 


The two preforms described in the previous paragraph were both made on the SIPA XTREME platform, an injection-compression system that guarantees extremely low TCO.


Thanks to the performance of our preform production machine, we have obtained an rHDPE preform with great resistance to chemical erosion and an rPET preform with excellent aesthetic performance.


The bleach bottle has been developed also to be produced on our Xform, the traditional preform injection system, as well as on injection tooling to be installed on existing injection systems.


The engineering of the bleach bottle was carried out in our prototyping department. This activity led to brilliant phases of development and testing of the containers coming from both the double preform rPET + rHDPE, and the monolayer preform with titanium dioxide barrier. Bottles can be blown both with our linear and our rotary stretch-blowmolders thanks to the excellent performance of our heating ovens (patented).


Pure-N-Clean design

DSC02276unique bleach container: double preform

The process of making this particular bleach bottle was long and difficult from a technical point of view, but thanks to the great effort in research and development, we have come to excellent results.




In the design of the prototype container with double preform, completely recyclable and adequate for the containment of bleach-based products, all the characteristics that make the bottle attractive for the reference market have also been taken care of.


The design of Pure-N-Clean was entirely conceived by the SIPA design office, which focused on the definition of:

  • Shapes
  • Ergonomics
  • Labels
  • Logos
  • Coordinated graphics of the product


The objectives of the project were all achieved and the final result was the creation of newly developed bleach containers, more ecological and extremely safe.


The development of this innovative packaging has confirmed the value of SIPA's experience in the PET sector and our ability to create complete solutions, from the conception of the preform to the realization of the final container.


If you want the advice of a reliable partner and expert in technologies for the production, filling and secondary packaging of PET containers, get in touch with us at SIPA.


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Written by SIPA

With 30 years of experience in PET containers solutions, SIPA has acquired considerable expertise in all available bottle manufacturing and filling technologies, from preforms to finished products, for the food and beverage, chemical products, cosmetics, detergents and pharmaceutical sectors.