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Advantages of PET bottling lines:cleanliness, flexibility, lower costs

integrated pet bottling lines

As has been seen, integrated lines, starting from the most widely used, that is to say systems made up of blower/filler/capper, are able to offer multiple advantages


As technology advances, PET bottling lines have become increasingly robust, compact, flexible, and are also able to offer better performance, in particular as regards the stretch-blow mouding process.


The advantages given by new stretch blow moulding systems in integrated PET bottling lines


Some of the new stretch-blow moulding systems recently put onto the market by various manufacturers are equipped with electrical stretching rods.

Operation of these is electronically driven, without the need for traditional mechanical cams.

This technological advance is by no means insignificant, when thinking about precision management of the stretching rod stroke, and millimetre control of its position. Another positive consequence is the saving in energy as regards overall running of the system.

The innovation accompanying stretch-blow moulding systems also allows operators to modify the stretching speed, without having to mechanically replace the cams.

This also reduces the vibration stress typical of old blowing carousels.


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New high-performance valves


A special mention must be made of the new high-performance valve systems, present in the most innovative models, which also guarantee to reduce the dead air volume to a minimum.

Translated into practice, this means a reduction in the pre-blowing and blowing times, with greater line performance both in terms of higher quality in the containers produced and a reduction in the compressed air used.


Modern integrated lines and greater cleanliness in the bottles produced


Let us look at the characteristics in terms of compactness of the new integrated lines, thanks to the direct connection between the stretch-blowing and filling machines, together with their ergonomic and functional aspects.

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These elements, as a whole, offer the possibility of cleaner containers than traditional solutions, together with lower costs in terms of the consumption of water, sanitizing agents and electricity.

The new models also register both lower noise levels and a reduction in mechanical stress.

Latest generation blowers, applied to integrated lines, have been developed using sophisticated materials, treatments, geometries, and state-of-the-art patents, to optimise the opening/closing movement of the mould holder and lifting/lowering of the base .

It is thanks to these improvements that it has been possible to limit mechanical stress and noise levels compared to less advanced solutions.


New preform heating methods


PET bottle

As regards rotary blowing machines, the new integrated lines have an optimised oven ventilation system and simple preform management and timing kinetics.

In this way management of light necks is guaranteed even at high speeds.


TECHNICAL STUDY: "PET lightweighting: how to safeguard the strength of bottles"


In certain cases the preform heating module is particularly compact and provides excellent performance.

This is because there are models equipped with a highly innovative preforms heating oven. We mean the horizontal development of the preform holder spindles chain with adequate ventilation and aeration system.

Another novelty offered by technology applied to this sector is the heat-reflecting panel system in composite material that provides high energy-efficiency.

The panels are positioned both at the front and rear of the short wave IR lamps heating the preforms.

The advantages come from the high heat reflection index from the lamps, which guarantee even heat distribution over the entire surface of the PET preforms.

Here again, this gives an energy saving for the entire system.


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