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PET Preform


Injection moulding process: customisation, flexibility & maintenance

injection moulding process

The companies that produce injection moulds for PET bottling plants provide very different products and services. In this article we intend to summarise all the characteristics of SIPA’s organisation with reference to this specific area.

Operating methods that aim to satisfy in full the requests of our customers to optimise line efficiency and management costs.

Let us look in detail at the characteristics that make SIPA a leader in the supply of bottling machines and the second largest world manufacturer of PET moulds.


Quantity combined with quality


SIPA is able to supply complete new moulds or conversions of existing moulds with from one to 180 cavities. To ensure maximum quality, every SIPA mould is tested before delivery on dedicated XFORM machines.

Over the years the company has gained vast experience in a multitude of applications, even the most specialist: from reduced diameter necks to wide necks for jars and preforms with thick walls.

This is the range of products and services offered, which is evolving continually:

  • Complete moulds (Cold Half + Hot Half) with up to 180 cavities
  • Conversion of existing moulds (total or partial)
  • Spare parts for moulds and components
  • Spare parts for Hot Half and components
  • Mould refurbishment
  • Electric temperature adjustment units


injection moulding process


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Flexibility and the numerous advantages for customers


Specific characteristics of products, including certain key points that make SIPA an ideal partner in the field of PET bottling lines.

Let us summarise the main advantages that are available:

  • Lower weights
  • Faster cycle time
  • Wider process window
  • Easier preform wall filling
  • Less wear thanks to special coatings that guarantee a longer working life for the mould
  • Optimised cooling circuit layout for a faster cycle time and greater energy savings
  • Patented technology in the hot runners to reduce maintenance operations.


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Optimising production: 5 million cycles on the hot runner without maintenance


SIPA has developed the first hot runner with valve gate for PET over 20 years ago, and since then has never ceased to make improvements to it.

Titanium spacers isolate the hot half from the cooled plates, minimising energy consumption.

Thanks to this technology, SIPA hot runner systems offer:

  • 5 million cycles without maintenance
  • Channels constructed in two parts with rounded corners to reduce friction and stress on the material (with a consequent reduction in the level of acetaldehyde and in the drop in Intrinsic Viscosity)
  • Special surface treatment of the channels to further reduce stress on the material
  • Perfect thermal insulation of the piston area which drastically increases the life of the seal elements.


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Stretch ratios exceed the limit of 50

 injection moulding process

When talking about stretch ratio limits, 50 has been the magic number for over 20 years, so achieving a ratio of close to 60 is an excellent result, which is possible today thanks to SIPA's XMOULD technology.

XMOULD opens up new possibilities in preform design, allowing further lightening of weights and improving container performance.

This innovative technology offers designers the ability to create much lighter, longer or wider preforms without compromising the performance, strength or aesthetics of the final container.

SIPA specialists will be glad to show customers how to significantly improve packaging quality, considerably increasing economic advantages.

Are you interested in receiving more information on integrated moulds or on complete SIPA lines with characteristics made to measure for your needs?




Written by SIPA

With 30 years of experience in PET containers solutions, SIPA has acquired considerable expertise in all available bottle manufacturing and filling technologies, from preforms to finished products, for the food and beverage, chemical products, cosmetics, detergents and pharmaceutical sectors.