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Integrating a linear blower with a rotary filling unit in PET bottling systems

Integrating a linear blower with a rotary filling unit in PET bottling systems

Integrated lines represent the present and future of PET bottling, with the aim of optimising space, consumption, costs (purchase and staff) and productivity.

Thanks to investments in research and development, SIPA has been able to meet the needs of customer businesses operating throughout the world.

The company, which is part of the Zoppas Industries group, is a supplier with the skills necessary to manufacture complete lines that go from the production of preforms to filling.


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The solution that only SIPA is able to offer you


Among the main machine suppliers working in this sector, only SIPA is able to offer its customers a line that combines a linear blower and a rotary filling unit, to utilize the advantages offered by linear blowers, in particular their high flexibility as regards formats processed, their absolute reliability and their reduced management costs.

Using this solution it is actually possible to increase the volume of containers that can be handled, maintaining the advantages of integrated lines even for containers of over 3 litres. An option that was previously impossible to achieve using traditional rotary synchro systems.

While the majority of businesses are able to offer the combination of a rotary filler and a blowing machine, only a very few can support the ever evolving needs of companies dealing with PET packaging.


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Integrating a linear blower with a rotary filling unit in PET bottling systems


How to get the best in blowing and filling systems

The Sincro Bloc integrates a linear stretching-blowing system, with filling and capping, and is one of the latest new feature in the SIPA range, a solution that is already receiving excellent feedback from the market.

 This is an SFL line stretching blowing unit in Sincro, introduced in 2017 with the aim of integrating SIPA’s existing range which, prior to this, was only rotary.


Ideal for water and oil filling of all sizes of PET

Sincro monoblock line fillers have been designed in response to the requests from companies bottling water and oil, through a compact system capable of producing and filling bottles of all sizes up to 20 litre containers.  

They are able to work with all types of liquid: as well as water and oil, also CSD, milk, hot-fill liquids, detergents and personal care products.


The extraordinary figures for the Linear Sincro Bloc

A linear Sincro Bloc, mainly based on an SFL 6, can produce and fill up to 11,000 standard bottles every hour, while a system configured for larger sizes can produce and fill up to 4000 12 L containers or 6600 5 L containers simultaneously.


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Integrating a linear blower with a rotary filling unit in PET bottling systems


SIPA’s approach to Sincro Bloc integrated solutions


SIPA’s integrated lines have numerous characteristics, starting from reliability, economy and the ability to work at extremely high speed.

Looking at the numbers, a SIPA XTRA rotary blowing machine is a machine capable of transforming the preforms into bottles at a speed of 2,550 bottles/hour per cavity.

When this type of blowing machine is connected to a SIncro Bloc system: the bottles enter directly into a monoblock filling and capping machine that operates just as quickly based on perfect synchronisation, all to the advantage of overall performance levels.

Sincro is a name that SIPA gives to a series of integrated systems: not just production and filling of bottles (now with linear and rotary blowing) but also production of preforms (including the exceptional XTREME injection-compression system) connected to blow moulding of bottles - XTREME Sincro - and XTREME Sincro Cube, which brings together the production of preforms, blowing of the bottles, filling and capping, in a fully synchronised manner, inside a single system.

Integrating a linear blower with a rotary filling unit in PET bottling systems

The Italian company is the only large international player to have set up a line that starts with the production of preforms, with a rotary option to be integrated upstream by a traditional Sincro Bloc that envisages traditional blowing/filling/capping machines.


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