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PET Preform


Latest generation of PET preform injection molding machine: XFORM

pet preform injection molding machine

SIPA’s new XFORM GEN4 XP system incorporates the latest generation of preform injection molding technology to deliver the lowest conversion cost alongside unmatched speed, flexibility and ease of use.

New technology incorporated into the 250, 350 and 500 tonne system, capable of running with molds holdnig up to 180 cavities, has been designed to handle the most demanding applications. It delivers leading short cycle times in the industry; it offers industry-leading energy efficiency; and it has the lowest maintenance cost in the sector.


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As with all other XFORMs, the XFORM GEN4 XP accepts virtually all legacy tooling produced by any major mold maker. The XFORM GEN4 XP provides a totally new operator experience, delivered through an HMI with a large 21.5-inch touch screen with high-definition graphics, swipe functions just like a smartphone, a multi-function control knob for one-handed operation, and fast response times unaffected by processor load.

The HMI incorporates an advanced automatic process set-up and an in-depth part quality troubleshooting tutorial, which together will help users improve machine up-time, lower scrap rates, and depend less on highly skilled machine operators.


Powered by the latest servo-driven hydraulic pumps, the XFORM GEN4 XP has record-low lock to lock time, paired with an increased injection rate.

Total energy efficiency has been increased by a similar amount: in a typical set-up with the machine set-up to full screw utilization and PET with an IV of 0.80, the XFORM GEN4 XP consumes just 0.195 kW of energy for every kg of material processed.

One of the reasons for the improvements in dry cycle time and energy efficiency is the introduction of a kinetic energy recovery system acting on the toggle drive. SIPA’s XFORM platform has already gained a reputation for its ease of maintenance, but on the GEN4 XP, it is easier than ever.

That’s because, for example, the company has modified the accumulator area layout so that the accumulators are now mounted on a pull-out rack inside the machine frame.

In addition, the oil tank has been redesigned so that it does not need to be emptied in case of maintenance (it can also be used at altitudes of up to 3000 m without any modifications).


The XFORM Experience


pet preform injection molding machine

SIPA’s latest generation of XFORM PET preform injection molding systems impress in many ways: they are of course very:

  • fast,
  • reliable,
  • flexible,
  • energy-efficient,
  • cost-effective.


But they are not very moving – literally.

A short while ago, a SIPA employee was watching an XFORM 500 system equipped with a 180C tooling (the largest preform tooling available in the market) running at full tilt, with a cycle time of 5.4 seconds. Just out of curiosity, they put a glass of water on the frame of the machine.

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Now normally, when a machine of that size and type is doing what it does, you know about it, even with your eyes closed and your ears plugged. The air vibrates, you may even feel it in your feet.

Not with this machine.

There was hardly a ripple on the water. This was not a one-off. It is a characteristic of all XFORM machines.

And the larger machine, and the higher the cavitation, the more characteristic it is. Which is one reason why XFORMs are so reliable.


pet preform injection molding machine


Vibration obviously puts stress in a system, and when that system is running fast for very long periods – which is often the case in PET preform production – that stress is significant. It can cause premature wear on moving parts, leading to high maintenance costs on the machine and the tooling, especially on large systems.

In fact, the clamping systems, linear bearings, tooling tapers – essentially the entire system structure – undergo massive stress. Component lifetimes fall.

The XFORM by contrast can operate with ultra-high cavitation tooling (up to 180 cavities, unique in the preform industry), with very short cycle times, and still run extremely smoothly. It’s all down to an extremely robust clamp design and an extremely smooth clamping profile that comes from the servo-driven toggle. Performance hardly wavers, maintenance costs stay low.

In fact, maintenance costs on machine and tooling on the XFORM are significantly lower than any other PET preform system in the market.

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Written by SIPA

With 30 years of experience in PET containers solutions, SIPA has acquired considerable expertise in all available bottle manufacturing and filling technologies, from preforms to finished products, for the food and beverage, chemical products, cosmetics, detergents and pharmaceutical sectors.