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Personal Care & cosmetics: PET containers suitable for a variety of products

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Within the large family of Personal Care there is a wide variety of items used in the field of hygiene and cleaning.

It should be borne in mind that cosmetics is a complex segment, and in some way delicate, since the products are subject to specific industry regulations.


Focus on cosmetics


Cosmetic means a preparation designed to be used on any part of the body, including the mouth, in order to improve the appearance as well as to cleanse, perfume and protect against external agents.


Cosmetics range from daily hygiene products (such as soap, shampoo, deodorant and toothpaste) to beauty items that fall within the luxury sector, such as perfumes and makeup, to the exclusion of separately regulated products such as therapeutic ones.


It is also good to remember that the legislation on cosmetics varies from country to country. These are generally items made by means of industrial materials that can derive from chemical, synthetic or natural processes.


Concrete example of "Neck Lightweighting" and return on the investment
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Packaging needs in the Personal Care industry


Over the last few years, more and more companies have highlighted the need to switch to PET packaging, replacing traditional materials in the sector, with particular reference to glass. This is both for reasons of cost and practicality.

The challenge of packaging companies, like manufacturers in the field of cosmetics, is to design increasingly distinctive PET containers, in order to capture the attention of the final consumer, taking into account the performance and ease of use of the packages.


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PET allows – for producers who have this need – the creation of transparent containers, making sure to make the contents visible to the potential buyer. Otherwise, the packaging can be opaque or colored for different marketing objectives of individual brands.  


The evolutionary processes, always with a view to commercial development, have allowed companies to arrive at continuous optimizations of the containers, both with a view to a progressive lightening of weight and a real restyling of the "old" shapes of the packages with innovative and distinctive concepts.




The advantages of PET containers in Personal Care compared to other materials


The fact that PET has significant advantages, as a material in the field of cosmetics and beauty care, it is easy to realize, scrolling through the aisles of any supermarket.


In addition to low cost, ease of processing, mechanical properties, it is necessary to consider the high availability of the raw material worldwide. All this has allowed an annual growth rate of PET containers of over 6%, to which is added the high predisposition of this material to be recycled.  




Compared to the results obtained in relation to the extrusion processes of HDPE containers, PET stretch-blow moulding machines are able to produce significantly higher quantities.


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