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SIPA packaging for personal care products and cosmetic in PET

SIPA packaging for personal care products and cosmetic in PET


PET is chemically compatible with most cosmetic ingredients. When considering a PET container for this specific sector, the sensitivity of the products to UV rays must be taken into account when colorants are used in the product.


The challenges of the PET packaging market in the Personal Care sector


Manufacturers in the Personal Care sector are requesting more and more often original packaging due the increasingly evolved challenges in marketing.

We are talking about asymmetrical or oval shapes, jars, square containers with sharp angle, and a high rate of customization of the logo, textures and special neck finishes while compatible with standard closures.


neck lightweighting and return on investment


Packaging features 


Some of the most important features of this type of packaging are related to: colors, shapes, symbols, tactile effects, premium aesthetic. These are key elements also during the purchasing phase by the final consumer.  

There is a need for new designs, combined with guaranteed performance, mechanical strength and robustness.

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Below are some examples of PET packages made by SIPA, a leader in this sector.

SIPA packaging for cosmetic in PET


PET packaging for cosmetics


sipa pet packaging


The advantages offered by SIPA solutions


SIPA has a proven track record in terms of the ability to design, engineer and prototype new PET packaging designs, with a wide range of manufacturing solutions for preforms and final containers.

These are solutions that meet the requirements of aesthetics, performance and added values within a particularly demanding sector.


The cosmetic containers recently developed and produced by SIPA provide a broad demonstration of the company's capabilities.

The packaging, with a volume ranging from 20 ml to about 500 ml, can be made in round, oval and rectangular shapes, with surprising designs.

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Specifically, Sipa can supply both technologies to produce cosmetics and personal care packaging, the single stage injection-stretch-blow molding machines or the two-stage solutions for preform production and subsequent container stretch-blowing on linear or rotary blowing systems.ECS-SP by sipa for pet packaging

SIPA single-stage machines for Personal Care


ECS single-stage machines are distinguished by their ability to produce packages with high aesthetic qualities. This is largely due to the fact that the preforms are kept separate from each other throughout the process, eliminating the possibility of surfaces being damaged by their contact.

Any signs of rubbing or scratches on the preforms are easily visible on the blown bottles. But in this industry, scratches are not allowed - the overall image of the product requires a perfect presentation.


A second advantage offered by the single-stage ECS machine is that the preform is always optimized for the container to be produces.

This technology removes any potential problems inherent in the type or size of the neck finish.

In addition, ECS are the ideal platform to produce containers with volumes as small as 10, 20, 30 and 50 ml typically used for such products as cosmetics. It is then possible to produce jars for creams and beauty balms, as well as oval containers for soaps, shampoo, shower gel and other specific products.

ECS systems have features that enable quick-change-overs between different product configurations, and are characterized by their compact layouts and high energy efficiency.


SIPA two-stage machines for Personal Care


Two-stage machines are also of considerable importance in this area. SIPA can offer a complete range of preforms systems as well as linear and rotary blowers. Preforms can be purchased directly on the market, although some neck finishes are not easily available on the market. In both cases, whether purchased or self-produced, particular attention must be paid to the quality of the preform, especially if the need is to produce oval containers for soaps, shampoos, shower gels.


Sipa offers ideal solutions for all these goals.

Do you want to know in detail targeted solutions for your company? Talk with our experts!


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