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Retrofit and relocation of a plant: the advantages that SIPA can offer

Retrofit and relocation of a plant: the advantages


It often happens that, at an industrial level, there is a need to provide a retrofit of the packaging plant. In fact, many companies find themselves in the situation of having to replace existing parts or add new machines to improve the characteristics of the plant or simply restore its optimal performance as if it were new.

Actions that may derive from the objective of increasing overall performance or, in other cases, increasing the level of security.


But there are also different needs, including that of transferring the plant from one site to a different production unit.


SIPA has designed a 360° support that stems from a precise vision: to understand the specific needs of our partners, providing them with high value-added solutions that cope with changing scenarios, growing expectations and continuous challenges, including the retrofit of a plant. In this way, SIPA's B2B service translates into a real partnership based on the total sharing of skills in after-sales.


Let's find out the features and benefits it can offer.


How to make the relocation of one or more machines in a different production unit different and the subsequent retrofit


SIPA best responds to the needs of companies to transfer a plant and/or provide for the technological upgrade of an existing plant for different strategic purposes.


The SIPA Team is able to provide full support, from dismantling to relocation, up to the complete retrofit for the refurbishment of lines or individual machines.


Specific activities that can be performed by SIPA

Feasibility analysis: a preliminary activity allows SIPA technicians to study the advantages that can be obtained from a possible intervention on the machines.


Detailed design of the intervention: to ensure in-depth precision, a detailed plan is drawn up for each phase of the intervention, which is shared with the customer.


Disassembly, packaging, shipping and assembly: the machines, or the line, are disassembled, packed and shipped to the new production unit thanks to the expertise of SIPA's qualified staff who know every single component in detail, ensuring maximum accuracy in every step up to on-site assembly.


Recommissioning of existing machinery: Since these are machines and entire lines that have been in production for some time, SIPA technicians will conduct an AUDIT, analyzing the conditions and their performance.


Retrofit of machinery: where necessary, the SIPA Team will replace worn or obsolete parts. The possibility of adding specific components in order to improve the performance of the machines can also be analyzed, using original SIPA spare parts.


Machine upgrades for adaptation/improvement: within the retrofit or relocation of the plant, the need to switch to higher-level machine components both in terms of performance and safety of the plant itself may be highlighted.


The final activities concern:


  • Start-up and final testing


  • Possible production support


  • On-site training using the specific Technical Training service offered by SIPA.




Retrofit and relocation of a plant: the advantages


The advantages for customers who choose SIPA's advanced services for plant relocation and retrofit


There are numerous advantages for companies that choose to use SIPA.


First of all, the possibility of enjoying a project entirely managed by dedicated professionals and delivered through the turnkey formula. This includes, among other things, a reduction in losses due to plant downtime and minimised downtime.


The planning and organization of preliminary interventions in partnership between SIPA and the company.


In this context, technological upgrades can be evaluated aimed at several objectives such as: increase in performance, lightening of weights, reduction of consumption, implementation of safety.


Last but not least, we must not forget the further upgrades related to digitalization, i.e. transition to innovative software, possible regeneration of the plant, new solutions for web monitoring and production management.


The advantages deriving from the technological upgrade:

  • Continuous updating of new technological upgrades through SIPA's ECHO platform
  • Online purchase of spare parts through Echo's e-commerce
  • Improvement of plant performance and quality
  • Reduction of energy consumption of machines and lines
  • Obtain the possibility of format changes more quickly
  • Improvement of safety conditions with the latest generation protections
  • Remote control of the together with technologies for connection to network monitoring.


neck lightweighting and return on investment


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