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rPET production, solutions that combine sustainability & productivity


The principles of sustainability regard increasingly broad market sectors at a global level, involving end users and, as a consequence, also large brands and converters.

On the subject of plastic containers, in recent years rPET is becoming increasingly widely used. For this reason, companies dealing with the manufacture of beverages and other liquids bottled in traditional PET cannot neglect these significant changes, which are not only requested by consumers but - increasingly - pushed by national and transnational provisions.


Features of rPET


rPET is a way of giving new life to used bottles, thus reducing the use of virgin plastic and CO2 emission levels.

All these elements mean that the production of rPET is much more sustainable than that of virgin plastic, even though machines and lines dedicated to these processes are required. SIPA has the best solution, in terms of flexibility, for companies working in PET bottling that are looking to the future.


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Features of the XTREME Sincro Cube system


The XTREME Sincro Cube system represents maximum process integration that combines the production of preforms, blowing, filling and capping, with the ability to work both with virgin PET and rPET (recycled), even 100% recycled in the case of Xtreme Renew Sincro Cube. This makes it unique with respect to other competitors on the market.


XTREME Sincro Cube can be configured for all types of product: still and carbonated, cold fill and hot fill, with and without pulp, sensitive products, including preservative-free CSD, and products with high added value such as edible oil, milk and dairy products, premium fruit juices, products for the home and for personal care. 


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Extremely easy to use system


A compact, flexible and easy-to-use solution, so much so that it can be managed by even fewer operators than alternative systems configured for the same function. It is also extremely energy-efficient.

A further advantage is given by eliminating preform management, so that overall costs are significantly lower, while the bottle quality is better.

Without forgetting the fact that the quality and reliability of the individual machines guarantee extremely high global system reliability.



Maximum energy saving and optimised preform inspection


XTREME Sincro Cube incorporates high performance production, with the XTREME injection-compression system. The system permits the highest L/t ratios in the sector, allowing the production of lightweight preforms.

A much lower injection pressure reduces stress on the material and power consumption.

Instead of using a single mould, with Xtreme the preforms are produced on a rotary carrousel, from which they come out one after the other.

XTREME has a 100% preform inspection capacity thanks to numerous cameras, a reduced footprint, representing a totally clean solution in that it is the first high productivity system for preforms that is totally oil-free.


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High flexibility and raised productivity

SIPA rotary blowing machines are designed to guarantee considerable process flexibility at high production levels. With SIPA rotary machine, users are able to produce standard containers at speeds of 2,550 bottles/hour/cavity, complex customised containers such as those for hot fill up to 2,000 b/h/c or very light containers.






Thanks to the oven ventilation system in the rotary blowers and the simple, slow preform handling kinetics, management of light necks is also guaranteed at high speed.



The advantages of XTREME Sincro Cube


When all the advantages of XTREME Sincro Cube are summarised briefly, it can be seen how this solution is one step ahead of what the market is currently requesting:


  • It combines the advantages of the 1-step system with the flexibility of the 2-step system 
  • Hygienically clean solution
  • Convenient, as it eliminates intermediate steps
  • Easy to manage
  • Compact
  • The only heat cycle that allows reduced power consumption
  • Ability to produce lightweight bottles


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