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SIPA's exclusive services: Teleservice and remote support thanks to augmented reality

sipa exclusive services


The goal of every company is to maintain production standards at the highest levels. This also applies, of course, to the production of PET preforms and containers, as well as lines that include bottling, capping and secondary packaging machines.

SIPA offers a support service to customers characterized by precision, reliability and timeliness in support interventions on machines.


Overcoming any geographical barrier for instant support: the SIPA Teleservice support


SIPA is a highly structured company, with physical offices and subsidiaries located globally. In addition, it offers a particularly advanced customer support designed and organized with the aim of overcoming any type of geographical distance to ensure that every company can always count on machines capable of performing at their best.


Hence the Echo System service platform, one of SIPA's strengths, which offers the ability to bring solutions that can add value throughout the chain.  


One of these solutions is Teleservice, the remote assistance service dedicated to connected machines, with the possibility - among other things - of taking advantage of remote support and updating of management software.  


An extremely useful service that allows manufacturers to guarantee that they will be able to produce according to their objectives even if the customer has operators with little experience, thanks to the remote support provided by SIPA technicians.


Characteristics of SIPA Teleservice


The Ticketing Center is available to receive customer reports 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, in the local language in order to promptly plan the necessary actions.


The interventions carried out through the Teleservice are based on constant tracking and ticket sharing, to assign the ad hoc specialist according to the problem to be solved.


In particular, the Customer Care service is managed through a three-level technical support:


  • Level 1: Contact Service through which the geographically competent branch is activated in the different areas of the world Level


  • Level 2: SIPA Headquarters Technical Support


  • Level 3: SIPA Product experts (divided into process, R&D, automation, mechanical, etc.)




XRAY: the extra support that exploits Augmented Reality


SIPA is able to offer the XRAY service, based on an Augmented Reality system, to support the customer's technicians in an extremely precise and concrete way.


The remote support operates through advanced software with the help of augmented reality that can be used through an app installed on mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets or smart glasses.

remote connection

Practical implications of the support through augmented reality


In an extremely innovative way, augmented reality-based technology allows virtual annotations to be superimposed on real machines and objects within the shared field of view.


This creates the conditions for resolving possible problems, optimizing communication during service operations as well as in cases of repairs or remote training.


The system is designed in such a way that SIPA's technical staff, experts in the specific type of intervention required, is able to offer all the necessary support to operators in real time, regardless of the location of the production site.

This also means that not only the technicians of the individual machines but also the Product Experts are able to intervene, offering full expertise (from software to automation) on every possible need.






The advantages for customers


Teleservice with XRAY ensures that:


  • SIPA is always close and available to its customers;

  • the expertise of dedicated and specialized engineers is offered for each technology;

  • carry out real-time analysis and monitoring of the operational status of the machine or the entire plant;

  • drastically reduce downtime costs.



Customers can then take advantage of extremely fast and highly effective solutions to keep production at the highest level.


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Written by SIPA

With 30 years of experience in PET containers solutions, SIPA has acquired considerable expertise in all available bottle manufacturing and filling technologies, from preforms to finished products, for the food and beverage, chemical products, cosmetics, detergents and pharmaceutical sectors.