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XCON and XDATA: advanced SIPA services to offer maximum support by leveraging data



Among the innovations of recent years related to the SIPA world, Echo is certainly of significant importance. We are talking about an innovative digital ecosystem designed to lead companies into the heart of Digital Transformation, making them protagonists.

Echo is in fact a unique communication channel, allowing full control combined with monitoring of the performance of plants and B2B processes. This makes it possible to maximize after-sales services by providing companies with a series of digital technologies, services and information on the machine fleet that eliminate physical distances, reducing service management times as much as possible


A single management and sharing platform


The SIPA digital service system is based on the ECHO WEB platform, a cloud environment that gives customers global access to information about their fleet, at any time and from anywhere.


It is a centralized source of data, easily accessible in real time, which favors the optimization of efficiency both in reference to the production process and to the after-sales activities between SIPA and the customer.


The main objective is to allow the customer total control over performance, with the possibility of improving and simplifying processes and communication.



This component is critical since it consists of a system to monitor the performance of the machines and receive technical support in real time.


XDATA is therefore a state-of-the-art solution that has a positive impact on every operational phase, significantly enhancing the performance of the machines.


On a practical level, it is to be considered as a real control room capable of providing crucial information to speed up production processes and improve the quality of output.  


Through continuous analysis and immediate reports, it identifies any operational deficiencies, enabling timely interventions in real time. In this way, XDATA optimizes the efficiency of the machines and contributes to high-quality, smooth production.









By constantly monitoring performance and collecting real-time data, trends, anomalies, and areas for improvement can be identified.  


The analysis activity, carried out scrupulously by SIPA, through ECHO and XDATA, puts companies in a position to optimize processes.  


Not only that, data allows you to make informed decisions to improve processes, increasing overall productivity and reducing operating costs.  


The intelligent use of data is therefore crucial to ensure the efficient and competitive operation of industrial plants.


neck lightweighting and return on investment


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