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Edible oil bottle filling machines: quality, reliability, productivity

bottle filling machine - filling techniques for edible oil

As we all know, edible oil is a high added value product.

In the industrial bottling phase the utmost attention must be paid to the aspects of precision and accuracy.

As a consequence the product’s viscosity requires suitable filling techniques. Sipa, a leading company in the world of PET, proposes high-performing and precise filling solutions, using the most modern and reliable technologies to control the quantity of the bottled product, both weigh filling and using mass flow meters. 


Sipa, innovation in edible oil filling machine


Among the innovations in the sector, SIPA’s Flextronic W model certainly deserves a mention. It is the fundamental element of a complete modern line for the PET bottling, which ensures accuracy and exceptional precision, in particular to fill edible oil.

 Flextronic W is a weight filler with an extremely simple, hygienic and fast “no contact” valve. The membrane valve, fitted with 3 positions to manage the dual filling speed.

The filling nozzle, without filling tube, features a special design to create a high flow without producing foam or drips, thus excellent for no contact valves.

It is an accurate and precise machine, with dedicated software to best manage the weighing system. In addition, Flextronic W is the latest development in the range of SIPA’s “Flextronic” electronic fillers.

It integrates a host of features from the other configurations, in particular those designed for sensitive products, making it an extremely simple and clean system: an “ultraclean” design, with the best levels of hygiene in the category.

There is no contact between the valve and the bottle, the components are made of stainless stain, including the weighing system with load cell, and the draining base simplifies cleaning operations.

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Technical features of the Flextronic W, a state-of-the-art filling machine


bottle filling machine - filling techniques for edible oil 

From a technical standpoint, Flextronic W is an electronic weight filler for bottling in PET containers, which uses the load cell to define the bottle’s content, an ideal configuration for a product like edible oil.

The filling carousel features a sloped central tank to minimise the product losses at the aroma change, with product feeding from the top.

There are various solutions applied to minimise product waste, such as collection and recovery trays for drainage under the valves, and in the space between the movement starwheels to collect any eventual dripping.

Bottle handling takes place via the neck handling system with neck grippers, which drastically reduce the format change times and make it particularly suitable for Sincro solutions with the blower.

The entire filling process, and in particular the product dosing management, is controlled by high-performing and very innovative software.

The solution ensures high flow performance combined with excellent precision and accuracy of the bottle’s content.

Speed (Fillers from 20 to 96 valves): from 6,000 to 36,000 b/hour with 1.5 l of edible oil.

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The Flextronic W filler is ideal for oil


The weight filling technology is considered the cleanest, most reliable and efficient system for filling bottles with edible oil.

It is a very popular system as it avoids excess filling: measuring the weight directly in the container (net weight), it accounts for changes in the unladen weight as well as in the temperature or nature of the oil, and it adapts to changes in the product during the production cycle.

When the characteristics of the product, the container and the operating conditions of the production plant require it, as an alternative SIPA also offers an electronic filler that replaces the definition of the bottled product with load cells with mass flow meters that keep the performance of the monoblock unchanged in terms of precision and hygiene.

bottle filling machine - filling techniques for edible oil



The sanitation phase is very simple and is fully automatic and controlled by the filler supervision: the machine prepares itself for the electro-pneumatic control of all the on-off valves.

The sanitation cycle is carried out in such a way that all the product path is completely cleaned both in equicurrent and countercurrent.

Thanks to the configuration of the filling valve, the filler features an automatic engagement/disengagement system with extremely simple and functional electro-pneumatic control, which ensures there is no contact between operator and machine. 
Circuit preset for CIP and SIP up to 100°.


The advantages for the customer: lower transport costs, cleaner, lighter

Sipa’s thorough complete compentence from the bottle design to the creation of preforms, containers and the filling of bottles with edible oil. This allows the entire cycle to be completely controlled.

In particular the weighing factor of the bottle is one of the most interesting features of the solutions with PET bottles.

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Having gained in-depth experience in supplying complete bottling lines, from the production of the bottle to the final packaging, SIPA offers its customers the chance to save on bottle transport and storage costs.

Furthermore, through the supply of lines with sincro solutions that integrate the blowing – filling – capping phases in a single machine, Sipa can guarantee a combination of high quality, hygienic containers, without forgetting a significant reduction in the spaces required for production, thanks to the smaller size of the Sincro Bloc solutions.

In addition, this solution, which eliminates pneumatic conveyors, is particularly suitable for the treatment of state-of-the-art lightweighted bottles with no risks of damaging them during handling.

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Sipa: complete turn-key systems

SIPA is one of the most important companies in the world to offer complete turn-key systems for bottling edible oil in PET that are extremely performing, flexible and reliable with a reduced TCO.

Thanks to many years of experience and continuous product innovation, Sipa is able to support its customers along all the steps needed to obtain complete solutions with high performance: from studying and developing the preform to designing the bottle, prototyping and testing, preforms, bottles, as well as filling, packaging and final palletisation.


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