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PET bottle machine for edible oil: after-sales and lifecycle services

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In the context of PET packaging, being able to count on a partner able to solve any kind of problem that can occur while using bottling machines (automatic pet bottle blowing  and filling machine), represents an important element for all companies producing and marketing edible oil.

An effective after-sales service related to PET bottle machine and packaging lines for edible oil is able to increase the overall efficiency of production systems throughout the life cycle of the machines.


Through several activities, such as increased system reliability and availability, analysis of productivity and product quality, improved performance with new technical solutions, converting extraordinary maintenance into ordinary one and cooperating in future planning.


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Effective life-cycle service properties for PET bottle machine

The life cycle of PET bottle machine and production systems involves different aspects, from lightning weights to format changeovers, to data monitoring and scheduling operations.

A proper assistance service provides first of all specific audits: a complete analysis program to adequately program the machines and bring them to their maximum performance

Consequently, the audits require timely technological upgrades allowing production lines to be as productive as those of the latest generation.



However, personnel driving PET bottle machine should be trained and competent.

pet bottle machine

The proper training of technical personnel using the systems ensures their correct functioning and their performance maintenance as required.

Advanced technologies and multimedia training tools, combined with new-generation teaching methods, are the basic elements with which a valid customer service provides training to machine operators and maintenance personnel.


Bottling line machines life-cycle


A service designed on the life-cycle of preform manufacturing solutions  as well as for other machines producing PET containers and bottling and packaging lines , in order to be fully efficient should provide the following:

  • increasing the reliability and the availability of production systems,
  • analysis of productivity and product quality,
  • improving performance with new technical solutions,
  • converting extraordinary maintenance into ordinary and cooperating in future planning.


Audit services


Audit programs are the answer to companies need producing edible oil for PET bottling, to know in detail the status of the machine. 

Through complete check-ups, manufacturers of  preform systems, automatic pet bottle blowing machine and complete bottling lines by their technical personnel, provide a snapshot of current systems status, giving their Customer Services the possibility of defining the consequent maintenance operations to bring machines at their maximum performance. 

It is clear that only a deep inspection brings out any evidence of wear and that's the key to such a detailed maintenance able to restore machine at its original conditions. 

Any maintenance operation to be completely effective can only start with an audit program.


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Lines Maintenance


A correct, punctual and rigorous maintenance guarantees machine reliability, in the customer's interest. Only in this way, contractual performance and safety regulations established by the manufacturer are respected over time.

The most effective maintenance is the preventive one, possibly based on customized agreements, depending on the model, age and workload of relative machines.

These agreements should consist of scheduled and regular inspections, with training programs and maintenance operations.

Planned maintenance reduces the overall costs measured throughout the machine's life cycle, maintaining product quality high over time.



PET bottle machine remote control


The companies producing and marketing the most advanced PET bottle production systems foresee a real time interactive connection with the installed machines (all over the world), allowing remote control of the systems and collection and processing of production and efficiency data.


Spare parts


Original spare parts are another very important element when choosing a supplier. They guarantee quality standard and ensure packaging companies that the performance and lifespan of the systems will remain unchanged in the medium and long term.

The company is committed to guaranteeing the rapid availability of spare parts in every part of the world. 

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Technical Support for PET bottle machine


When unforeseen circumstances arise, the company must rely on a telephone support line, offered by the manufacturer, which is always available, 24/7 for a proper functioning of the pet bottle production systems.

Usually a ticket for is assigned for optimized management based on specific agreements. In this way the customer care will try to guide the customers to solve any problems independently, avoiding any waiting time, or will be able to clarify as far as possible the cause and extent of the malfunction, and consequently ensure the technician sent to the site is fully prepared to deal with it.


SIPA's answers for maximizing the life-cycle of automatic pet bottle machine


The main issue of the special Life-Cycle Service (LCS) by SIPA is mainly based on understanding, thus offering exactly what the customer needs.


LCS solutions include the following:

  • lightning weights
  • size changeovers
  • packaging development
  • auditing and training
  • total overhaul of the equipments
  • repairs and conversions
  • new product development
  • remote technical support service
  • data capture
  • management of maintenance activities
  • line analysis
  • relocation and general service agreements



Technology upgrades for automatic pet bottle blowing machine and the other machines of the bottling lines


To maintain a very high level of reliability for bottling machines and lines over time, and above all to increase performance, SIPA offers its customers the availability of technological upgrades to make their machines future-proof, efficient and productive, like those of the latest generation, as well as providing support for always developing cutting edge containers.

The result is maximizing machine life cycle.

Technological upgrades consist of technical adjustments on machines or lines already operating whose feasibility is evaluated following an inspection by a team of experts.

Those are the right solutions whether the installed systems require:

  • an increased productivity,
  • greater reliability,
  • a speedier performance of some operations,
  • reduced production costs,
  • improving the final product or the workplace around machinery. 

All potential interventions are identified by a code to simplify communications between the customer and SIPA.

For each of them, moreover, due time and number of employees required to complete the intervention are specified, a clear and universal system to spread, in a simple way, the experience of SIPA Customer Service worldwide. 

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SIPA after-sales service is completed by the following:


Training for technical personnel of the machines

The proper training of personnel using the systems ensures their correct functioning and their performance maintenance as required.

Advanced technologies and multimedia training tools, combined with new-generation teaching methods, are the basic elements with which the SIPA Customer Service provides training to machine operators and maintenance personnel. 



SIPA strongly believes in maintenance activities in order to meet total customer satisfaction. For this reason, the company offers a preventive maintenance service, based on customized agreements, depending on the model, age and workload of relative machines.


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These agreements consist of scheduled and regular inspections, and on requests for training programs and maintenance operations.


Spare parts

In order to eliminate borders and distances, process orders and make deliveries of spare parts as quickly as possible, SIPA has developed a logistics process and has warehouses strategically located throughout the world and fully interconnected, to ensure capillary distribution of spare parts to customers.

It has also completely re-engineered the Supply Chain, so that all orders are completed within the time foreseen, while also gaining the flexibility to respond to the delivery needs of emerging markets.

In 2008, SIPA acquired a 100% shareholding in the Berchi Group from Parma, achieving SIPA's natural vocation to provide 360° all-round solutions and bringing filling and end of line sections into SIPA as well.


Technical support

When unforeseen circumstances arise, our commitment is to be at your side to deal with your needs in the shortest possible time. 

For this reason, Sipa's service department uses 160 qualified technicians who are connected to each other so as to form a structured network, created so as to guarantee fast, thorough problem solving wherever you may be. 

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