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PET bottle machine for edible oil: after-sales and life-cycle services

pet bottle machine

An effective after-sales service related to PET bottle machine and packaging lines for edible oil is able to increase the overall efficiency of production systems throughout the life cycle of the machines.


Through several activities, such as increased system reliability and availability, analysis of productivity and product quality, improved performance with new technical solutions, converting extraordinary maintenance into ordinary one and cooperating in future planning.


Effective life-cycle service properties for PET bottle machine

The life cycle of PET bottle machine and production systems involves different aspects, from lightning weights to format changeovers, to data monitoring and scheduling operations.

A proper assistance service provides first of all specific audits: a complete analysis program to adequately program the machines and bring them to their maximum performance

Consequently, the audits require timely technological upgrades allowing production lines to be as productive as those of the latest generation.



However, personnel driving PET bottle machine should be trained and competent.

pet bottle machine

The proper training of technical personnel using the systems ensures their correct functioning and their performance maintenance as required.

Advanced technologies and multimedia training tools, combined with new-generation teaching methods, are the basic elements with which a valid customer service provides training to machine operators and maintenance personnel. 


Lines Maintenance


A correct, punctual and rigorous maintenance guarantees machine reliability, in the customer's interest. Only in this way, contractual performance and safety regulations established by the manufacturer are respected over time.

The most effective maintenance is the preventive one, possibly based on customized agreements, depending on the model, age and workload of relative machines.

These agreements should consist of scheduled and regular inspections, with training programs and maintenance operations.

Planned maintenance reduces the overall costs measured throughout the machine's life cycle, maintaining product quality high over time.



PET bottle machine remote control


The companies producing and marketing the most advanced PET bottle production systems foresee a real time interactive connection with the installed machines (all over the world), allowing remote control of the systems and collection and processing of production and efficiency data.


Spare parts


Original spare parts are another very important element when choosing a supplier. They guarantee quality standard and ensure packaging companies that the performance and lifespan of the systems will remain unchanged in the medium and long term.

The company is committed to guaranteeing the rapid availability of spare parts in every part of the world. 

pet bottle machine


Technical Support for PET bottle machine


When unforeseen circumstances arise, the company must rely on a telephone support line, offered by the manufacturer, which is always available, 24/7 for a proper functioning of the pet bottle production systems.

Usually a ticket for is assigned for optimized management based on specific agreements. In this way the customer care will try to guide the customers to solve any problems independently, avoiding any waiting time, or will be able to clarify as far as possible the cause and extent of the malfunction, and consequently ensure the technician sent to the site is fully prepared to deal with it.


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