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Edible Oil


PET machine for edible oil bottle packaging and for cooking oil bottle

pet machine for edible oil bottle packaging and for cooking oil bottle


Whether it is olive oil or other vegetables oils, edible oil is a high added-value product.

For this product we must therefore take into great consideration the precision and the accuracy of the bottle filling machines during the filling. 

Today’s fast evolving beverage market requires high performance and versatile filling solutions.

In this scenario, it's important to find is a reliable partner with a sound expertise and a wide range of rinsing, filling and capping monoblocks that guarantee the highest quality standards.

At the design stage, great attention was given to choosing the best components available, to extreme sanitizability and reduction of running costs, in terms of both consumption and normal operations (quick size changes, easy maintenance, etc.). A complete and versatile range to meet the most varied requirements in terms of both productivity (monoblocks with up to 180 valves) and products to process:

In addition, the viscosity of the product demands the use of appropriate filling techniques. 

Most companies have evolved offering highly effective and precise filling solutions, using the most modern and reliable quantity control technologies, both weight based and using mass flow controllers. 

benefit from pet packaging for edible oil


Comparative Methodologies


In the context of the intrinsic product value, a number of solutions for edible oil filling machines were developed such as drainage and specific rinsing solutions, tanks with inclined bases and top feeding and recovery trays. All designed to reduce product wastage during production or change of flavouring.

It is useful to list the various filling methods for edible oil.

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PET for edible oil bottle packaging: Mechanical gravity filling systemspet machine for edible oil bottle packaging and for cooking oil bottle


Gravity filling systems include bottling machines for: non-carbonated mineral water, non-carbonated clear juices, non-carbonated juices with pulps and fibers, isotonic and sport drinks, RTD tea, milk and derivatives, alcoholic products
and edible oil

Filling with this system takes place by simple gravity product fall: once a set level inside the container has been reached, according to the vent tube position, the liquid close the air return and the filling process is concluded.



Vacuum filling systems


Bottling machines that use this vacuum filling system generally are equipped with a pneumatic pump that creates a depression inside the container.

Of particular importance is the fact that filling occurs only after the depression stage.  Once the filling level set for the container has been reached, the excess product is sent to a recycling tank and then newly introduced into the system before refilling.

This system is used frequently for alcoholic beverages are more rarely for edible oil.


pet machine for edible oil bottle packaging and for cooking oil bottle

Isobaric mechanical filling systems


The isobaric mechanical level filling systems are mainly used to bottle carbonated products at low temperatures or at room temperature, as well as still drinks, with or without pulp. 

They are not used for edible oil.






Volumetric filling systems


Volumetric filling machines are designed to fill bottles with an "exact" volume of liquid, regardless of what the final fill-level looks like in the bottle

This systems uses bottle filling machines with a series of pistons for pre-dosing.  These take the product from the tank at the centre of the filler and measure it out into the container.

A volumetric filler is a positive dispacement filler which will give you great accuracy and can be used for more viscous products then liquid level filler but you may need to purchase a few different size pistons depending on the different size containers your filling.

This kind of machine is equipped with the ability to adjust or set the volumes while filling; this mechanism ensures extremely precise filling.

It is mainly used for non-edible oil (lube oil, etc.).


benefit from pet packaging for edible oil


Electronic filling systems

 pet machine for edible oil bottle packaging and for cooking oil bottle

The electronic filling systems are based on extremely precise technology that guarantees accuracy and high performance in all operating stages. 

These bottle filling machines are used for products that do not contain gas, such as edible oil and suitable for filling plastic and glass containers. 

The different filling phases are automatically managed by software that directly controls the definition of the product quantity via electronic dosers.

The system offers high performance and great flexibility compared to conventional methods.

These are more innovative and evolved systems. It is the most reliable and precise technology for filling PET bottles with high added-value products such as edible oil, milk and dairy, premium clear juices, home and personal care products.

It offers weight dosing or dosing with mass flow meters.

In the electronic weight filler, the product quantity dosed in the bottle is controlled by a load cell. When the pre-defined quantity is reached it sends a signal to close the filling valve.

In the second instance, the same function is executed by a mass flow meter, suitable for low conductivity viscous products such as edible oil.

Both bottling machines have an extremely accurate and precise filling valve. The system is very fast and clean without any contact between the valve and the bottle. 


pet machine for edible oil bottle packaging and for cooking oil bottle


The selection of one or the other dosing technologies depends on various factors such as the bottle size, product characteristics, etc.

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These types of bottle filling machines can be combined with linear and rotary blow moulding machines for various formats, ensuring elevated hygiene levels and cleaning wit no need of preservatives.

 benefit from pet packaging for edible oil


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