What changes in our processes? What news are there on the subject of preforms and containers? Or on the subject of molds and bottling lines? Which way do the company and the group decide to go? Much of what you want to know is here! Welcome to the SIPA Blog.



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PET bottle design for edible oil: creativity and benefits

PET bottles: from marketing to ergonomics

PET material is increasingly used within the food context, especially for a high value product such as edible...

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PET preform production machine: new system not requiring rPET pelletizing and recrystallization

PET can be recovered, and the material reused, through a series of special washing processes or by a chemical treatment to break down the PET into its...

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PET bottle machine for edible oil: after-sales and life-cycle services

An effective after-sales service related to PET bottle machine and packaging lines for edible oil is able to increase the overall efficiency of...

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PET packaging for edible oil: benefits in terms of costs and lightness

In recent years, the design of PET beverage bottles has been refined. Among other aspects, the weight of each bottle has been reduced, thus reducing...

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PET application: SIPA PET water bottle for Sangemini

This Case History will show how SIPA, a leading company in manufacturing and marketing PET preform and PET bottle production systems as well as...

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Edible oil bottle packaging: from tin to PET products


The choice of packaging plays a strategic role for all products. 

Amongst these, the containers for food products are subject to specific norms and...

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Key characteristics of edible oil bottle packaging

Edible oil is a high value added product and so it is important to take serious consideration of the precision and accuracy of the filling phase, but...